This is the personal home page of Bob Powell of Vashon Island, WA.

(If you expected turnips, click here.)

Meadow Creature LLC - Vashon manufacturer of tools for sustainable farming
Meadow Creature Waterjet Shop - Vashon waterjet/fabrication shop
Burn Design Lab - building better cookstoves in the developing world

Restoring Paradise and Bees for Peace - Margot's blogs

Credit Union Vashon and PSCCU - bank with a local credit union!
Backbone Campaign - fresh local progressive activism
Water District 19
Transition Vashon - Vashon's own Transition Initiative group
SEEDS - social ecology: Web site; Vision for Vashon: Web site
Vashon Beekeepers: Google Group; Vashon Poultry: Google Group
Vashon-Maury Island Radio Club: Web site, Yahoo Group
Vashon Town Plan: Google Group - VMICC town plan committee
Island GreenTech - Concept for a Vashon manufacturing incubator: Web site, Google Group
Vashon Electric Vehicle Association: Web site, Google Group

Metal: Seattle resource list, Seattle Metalheads Yahoo group, Practical Machinist web BBS
Bogleheads - cost-efficient personal investment advice

Reading List - Bob's reading list, emphasis on current global issues
Vashon property analysis - local land use study and opinion
Misc. downloads,  et. al. - oddball items for posterity
A few random photos
Transapocalypse and Collapsatopia - transition / sustainability place holders

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Ferries: Fauntleroy Southworth Tacoma Seattle PO
Metro: 118/119 54 5 16 ST560

Tides - UoSC Tides - NOAA

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