Bob Powell

May 30, 2007
Sensible Growth for our Island Home Beachcomber opinion piece - June 6 & June 13, 2007. My policy recommendation following the growth study.

Feb. 13, 2007
Beachcomber article and Beachcomber opinion piece in response to the Feb. 8 presentation.

Feb. 8, 2007
The information available here was presented on Feb. 8 at a meeting of the VMICC Economic Committee [link], but this is personal opinion, and speaks neither for VMICC nor the committee.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send email. If you are interested in participating in an organized public discussion of issues affecting Vashon's economic future, please consider signing up for the Economic Committee Yahoo discussion group and/or attending scheduled meetings.

Property Statistics and Growth Projections

Using the Assessor's database and information from the island's public water systems, I analyzed metrics of Vashon's 7979 tax parcels by present and potential usage, created a picture of Vashon's present state of development, and predicted Vashon's ultimate "build out" under "unlimited water" and "today's water" scenarios.

The results and supporting data exist as Word and Excel documents that you can download and print from this page - if you have Word and Excel and a fast Internet connection. The report is also available at the Vashon library. At worst, email me and I'll arrange to get a copy to you.

The Assessor's data in this copy of the report spreadsheet has been stripped of individual identifying information, such that to actually obtain any information beyond the parcel numbers, you would need to go through King County's various web sites (Assessor's database, Parcel Viewer or Imap) and in the process, agree to the same non-commercial usage terms that I did in order to generate this report.

In any event, by clicking the spreadsheet link below and accessing my reports, you expressly agree to King County's non-commercial usage terms stated here. (

1. Introduction (Word doc):


2. Statistics and Predictions reports - this is the actual meat of the report. This is a 6 megabyte Excel spreadsheet. It opens to the third sub-sheet titled 'notes' which has some explanatory text. The report proper is the first and second sub-sheets. To print the report, print the first two sub-sheets. The remainding sheets are the Assessor's parcel data used for calculating the reports.

Property Statistics and Growth Projections Reports

3. The following spreadsheet shows a tally of paid, unused water connections available from the island's public water systems:

Unused Water Connections

4. The following spreadsheet shows the first eight entries from WD19's waiting list, with the parcel numbers and zoning attached, and the personal identifying information removed.

WD19 Waiting List