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Field Day: W7VMI operating the trailer, ARRL Field Day 2005, see This is the donated trailer refurb'd and converted by volunteer labor into a mobile emergency communications center.

Kalakala: Sept. 2005 in Tacoma

Navigator: Vermeer Navigator underground horizontal directional drilling machine

Retriever: (camera on loc-line) how to pick up something you can't reach or see

Runway: Sea-Tac 3rd runway construction, Sep. 6, 2006

BYTE cover, April (fools) '77: Roger Amidon's "Spider" computer. Roger was my engineering mentor, god save me.

At Work, Nora, Pairanerds, PDP10, Starfleet: Bob's life c. 1980

Tam Chipmunk: Mt. Tam, Marin Co., May 2006